MES Systems

Finally, a critical part that is attached to the automation of processes are the Information Technologies, which are present at all levels of the automation pyramid as a means for the storage and use of the information generated. Although normal engineering companies to specialize in the higher or lower, we want to offer the possibility of linking two specific developments from the outset, or otherwise serve as a link between those who develop a level and another level already held by the client. With this overall system integration leads to better use and analysis of the information generated in the process.

The implant systems can be developed by us, or be specific platforms that the client wishes that we install. These IT developments can therefore be both in the field of MES side ( Supply Chain Management, MRP, SCM, Historical Data Management, Traceability, Quality, … ), as in the Computer Business Management ( ERP, CRM, EIS, … ).

As last bet strategic of Juan Palacios SL we are promoting and developing the implementation of MES systems. That has implied for Juan Palacios S.L. an important investment in infrastructure, training and human resources, that has allowed us to reach an agreement with a world leader company like Siemens, a global leader in MES systems through its platform software Simatic IT. Through this agreement we have become part of its Simatic IT Partner program as Qualifying Global Partner, allowing us to design, develop and implement projetcs with their Simatic IT tools.

Since 2019 Juan Palacios, S.L. is a System Integrator Partner of Wonderware. It guarantees that we have the necessary knowledge and support for the correct development of Wonderware applications.


During all this years, there have been plenty of customers than have trusted in us. In addition to industrial automation projects, we have developed a several number of electrical and industrial enginnering projects for differents markets. That’s why we are a national leader company in industrial automation and electricity projects. These are our services: