Automatic Quality Control


In manufacturing processes, reducing processes cycle times used for producing the product, are strongly important. Many method time studies, are performed by many companies to improve process efficiency. Being able to achieve an efective quality control to get the target needed, is a desired tool that can give a lot of earnings for the company. Which are the most efficient systems? Artificial Vision Tools.

Artificial Vision Systems are used to develop a quality control in real time through vsual inspections that need high speed, great zoom, 24 h working or a repetitive measuring. The target for artificial vision systems is checking dimensions, serial numbers, components presence, ….

In Juan Palacios S.L. we develop quality control systems based on artificial vision to make inspections and checkings in real time for manufacturing lines to detect:

  • Labels absence
  • Labels wrongs
  • Filled Level Insufficient
  • Tightness Test
  • Dating Errors
  • Coding Errors


During all this years, there have been plenty of customers than have trusted in us. In addition to industrial automation projects, we have developed a several number of electrical and industrial enginnering projects for differents markets. That’s why we are a national leader company in industrial automation and electricity projects. These are our services: