In 2011 some hackers got access to the system control of a Water Treatment Plant in Illinois (USA) taking control of the Scada systems, asctivating repeatedly some of their pumps, broken them.

An attack on the Ukrainian energy network affected more than 225,000 people for hours because of this hackers got access through the VPN connection and send commands through the existing HMIs.

These two cases are nothing more than two simple examples of how the rate of discovery of vulnerabilities in industrial environments has increased considerably. This has generated greater interest in the industry due to the well-founded sense of danger that this type of events create, in addition to the increasing digitalization of companies and the increasing in the size of their networks.

Therefore, it is very important to prevent, monitoring and improve industrial systems and their recovery from hostile actions that may affect proper functioning of industrial processes.

Due to that, Juan Palacios S.L. has decided use of specific industrial safety policies and equipment such as Scalance S from Siemens. These devices protect devices and networks in the process industry, and the process industry. Specific equipment are Industrial Firewalls such as the S636, or industrial VPN devices such as the S615. In addition, these devices allow the management of secure remote access through the Sinema Remote Server.


During all this years, there have been plenty of customers than have trusted in us. In addition to industrial automation projects, we have developed a several number of electrical and industrial enginnering projects for differents markets. That’s why we are a national leader company in industrial automation and electricity projects. These are our services: