For a new installation complies properly with the purposes for which it was designed and assembled, not to forget something fundamental, and their proper monitoring and maintenance. Juan Palacios SL in addition to the assembly of the installation, you can take care of their maintenance. WHO WILL KNOW BETTER THE INSTALLATION THAN THAT WHO INSTALLED.

These maintenance tasks can be carried out by our integrated customer templates, so you do not have to worry about all the problems associated with the management of human resources, which is transferred to our company. Or rather we can perform specific maintenance tasks following a certain customer specific planning throughout the year.

In any case the maintenance tasks to be performed can be both preventive and corrective maintenance.

As a basic tool of this predictive maintenance Juan Palacios SL use thermography, which is a safe and easy way to identify problems and reduce unplanned downtime. Is a technology, which requires no contact, based on the measurement of infrared wavelengths for determining temperature from a safe distance using images. These images accelerate visual check surface temperatures and identify hot spots, which usually indicate an impending failure.

By applying this technology got Detection loose electrical connections or corrosion, overload detection and power imbalances, verification of bearing condition and electric motor windings, etc…

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During all this years, there have been plenty of customers than have trusted in us. In addition to industrial automation projects, we have developed a several number of electrical and industrial enginnering projects for differents markets. That’s why we are a national leader company in industrial automation and electricity projects. These are our services: