More and more customers tell us more often about the usual production stops in their facilities due to untimely breaks in their electrical protections (usually differentials and even magnetothermals).

These untimely interruptions involve very high costs due to the opportunity costs of having a stop production line, as well as the costs in human resources used to restart that process or, for example, by waste product due to production interruption.

These untimely stops are usually due to the existence of feared harmonics, high frequency electrical signals on the supply voltage, with small effective values but with very high peaks. These harmonics are generated by electronic equipment, more used every day in automated industrial facilities, such as power supplies, frequency converters, servomotors, rectifiers, … ..

There are clear solutions to absorb these high-frequency electrical signals, and they are the filtering equipment, both passive and active, most recommended by their intelligence and adaptability.

For this reason, and in order to satisfy the need that our customers in particular have, as well as the market in general, for a few months, we are partners of Schaffner, a Swiss manufacturer specialized in the design and development in this type of equipment. His extensive portfolio and specialized know-how make him a strategic partner for Juan Palacios S.L.


During all this years, there have been plenty of customers than have trusted in us. In addition to industrial automation projects, we have developed a several number of electrical and industrial enginnering projects for differents markets. That’s why we are a national leader company in industrial automation and electricity projects. These are our services: