We are proud to offer to our customer 2 new and important services.

Industrial Cybersecurity:

Due to more often attacks to industrial facilities such as on a water treatment plant in Illinois (USA) and an attack on the Ukrainian energy network, affecting a large number of users, it is clear that vulnerabilities in industrial environments are increasing every day.

That’s why is vital to prevent, monitoring and improvement of industrial systems and their recovery from hostile actions that can affect the proper functioning of industrial processes.

We invite you to discover in detail how from Juan Palacios S.L. we have opted for the use of specific industrial safety policies and equipment.

Click here for more information about our Industrial Cybersecurity service.

Harmonics Filters:

Did you know that production stoppages are becoming more and more common due to untimely breaks in your electrical protections?

In Juan Palacios, S.L. we offer a new service that will prevent your production from being paralyzed because harmonics. We are partners of Schaffner, a Swiss manufacturer specializing in the design and development of harmonics filters.

To learn more about the service, see our Harmonic Filters section.

With the start-up of these two innovative services, we want to continue to be a benchmark in the electricity, process automation and industrial engineering sectors.