In Juan Palacios S.L we have decided finishing this 2015 renewing our corporate image, through a new logo, new marketing material and a new web in order to show a more modern image according to latest technologies and tendencies.

This project started designing a new logo, trying to respect our original brand, but changing softly elements distribution, font type and doing more impressive their colours. After that we followed with car labelling and all the marketing material trying to maintain the same graphical idea, and finally finishing with complete web renovation.

To achieve that Neobunker, a specializedcompany in web designing and programming, has helped us. Now our web is more visual and has a navigation more ordered and modern. There, the user can know more about our past projects, and about the whole portfolio services that we offer, since process automation, assembling of electrical cabinets, energy efficiency…

You are invited to have a look to our new web, through your PC, tablet or smartphone, and to subscribe to our newsletter, where we will publish news about our company, our partners, projects, … and much more. See you