Juan Palacios, S.L. Integrador Certificado Wonderware

Finally we can say it officially, ¡¡¡¡we are already Wonderware  Registered Systems Integrators!!!!

Since many years ago, from Juan Palacios S.L. we have been trying to dive into the use and developing of Wonderware tools. Sometimes caused by the standards of our customers, or other times by avatars of the market, our roads had not been never crossed. Now, since the acquisition of the British group Invensys, owners of Wonderware, by Schneider Electric for 3,900 million euros, it was only a matter of time that our destinies finally found, as finally it has happened.

Wonderware, began its journey in the USA, in 1987 with the first HMI based on Microsoft operating systems. Nowadays, its HMI / Scada “Intouch” software has more than 2,000,000 active licenses with thousands of projects with more than 200,000 users in more than 130 countries. They also has storage and information processing software in real-time databases such as its “Historian” software, as well as , of course, Wonderware is one of the world leaders in software MES/MOM, a platform that allows to manage and optimize in real time the industrial environment of an organization, as a means for the digital transformation of industrial environments towards Industry 4.0.

From this moment, our customers and those who already work with Wonderware tools, with whom we had not been able to collaborate to date, can already call us to work with the portfolio of tools that this powerful manufacturer offers.