Mederer Group has eight production plants, five in Germany, one in the Czech Republic and one in China, in addition to Spanish. Annual sales exceed 230 million altogether. The Spanish plant, Trolli, Mederer subsidiary, created fifteen years ago, has 85 permanent employees and a hundred possible in its 8,500 square meters. Represents about 6% of the group’s production. Its annual turnover is around eighteen million euros. Trolli, has been working on the creation of a society in Venezuela together with a local partner, which had hitherto been known distributor of their gummy bears in that market.

In this client make for quite a few years, automation projects that its R & D Dept poses, including some process for its new factory in Venezuela, such as storage and dosing system Glucose.

As reference project in this customer, we have designed and executed a new foam dosing plant. This plant supposed the design and comissioning of a new system control for industrial automation for this project. This system was made with latest technologies in devices and control buses, and implied developing of a complete Scada to manage, supervise and analisys the plant.

In the other hand, we are collaborating with them in the development of its new factory in Paterna.


Thanks to our large experience, we can design the best solution for your company, automating processes, improving its industrial facilities and saving energy at its machinery.


Our great proffesional staff will manage from the beginning to the end your project. Our company complies with all of the local laws about security, permits and norms.


In addition to designing and development, in Juan Palacios S.L.we can be in charge of maintenance of facilities developed for our customers, asuring working them perfectly.