Established in 1989, is the heiress Ercros which were at that time the two Spanish private chemical companies: Unión Explosivos Río Tinto S.A. (ERT) y S.A. Cros. In 2005, it produces Aragonese Group integration and in 2006 acquired Derivados Forestales Group XXI, becoming the first Spanish chemical company, no petrochemicals or multinational. Ercros is an industry group dedicated to the manufacture and trade of commodities for chemical and pharmaceutical industries, as well as the plastics industry, the swimming pool water treatment and animal feed. The staff of the company, consisting of 1.819 (1) people distributed in 15 production.

Factory Almussafes (Valencia) began operations in 1969 with the production of formaldehyde and resins derived from it, in order to supply the important timber industry and furniture based in the area. Paraformaldehyde began manufacturing in 1977 using its own proprietary technology whose facilities have been expanded and improved several times to currently become one of the largest manufacturing plants in the world product. Additionally, we develop all the electrical facilities that is Technical Department needs. Finnally, we are in charge of energetic efficiency tasks, such as big engines managing through frecuency converters, wht implies high electrical savings.


Thanks to our large experience, we can design the best solution for your company, automating processes, improving its industrial facilities and saving energy at its machinery.


Our great proffesional staff will manage from the beginning to the end your project. Our company complies with all of the local laws about security, permits and norms.


In addition to designing and development, in Juan Palacios S.L.we can be in charge of maintenance of facilities developed for our customers, asuring working them perfectly.