The most important activity Dulcesol Group, present in 30 countries, is the manufacturing and marketing of bakery products, pastry and industrial bakery. Complement this activity with operating a poultry farm for the production of eggs for consumption and a plant where they get the liquid egg to supply its factories.

For this client we have made a wide variety of electrical and construction of electrical panels for your automation projects qualified R & D designs. We have also made their automation of certain processes, such as full automation egg-plant or process aroma-factory of Gandia.

In addition to this, we usually are in charge of energy efficiency projets through assemblig electrical cabinets and developing its electrical facility, to automate its UTA air units, what suppose a large energetic saving.


Thanks to our large experience, we can design the best solution for your company, automating processes, improving its industrial facilities and saving energy at its machinery.


Our great proffesional staff will manage from the beginning to the end your project. Our company complies with all of the local laws about security, permits and norms.


In addition to designing and development, in Juan Palacios S.L.we can be in charge of maintenance of facilities developed for our customers, asuring working them perfectly.