The Danone Group is the world leader in sales of dairy products and the second largest worldwide in bottled water sales and infant nutrition. In 2010 sold about 17,010 million euros, of which 2.578 million euros were operational benefits. Currently working for the group 100,995 people. It currently has five factories in Spain, all with latest technology and certified in the quality assurance system ISO 9001 and the environmental management system ISO 14001.

For us Danone represents our reference customer since many years our main customer usually. We work mainly in the Valencia factory but sometimes also been made in other like Barcelona or Seville.

Our work on this client span the wide range of services we provide, and we do automation projects, Design and Construction Electrical Cabinets, Electrical and Pneumatic facilities, Maintenance, etc…

Examples of these jobs are an Automatic System for Compressed Air Sectorization. We did it from two sides, the first one, for Automation side, designing, developing and comissioning an automatic system, with its electrical cabinets and electrical facility. In the other hand, it implied and important energy efficiency project, because it supposed to our customer an energetic saving thanks to reducing air leaking.

Another example, are projects for Automatic Quality Control. these systems are use to know in real inline  time filling errors that could arrive to the final customer. To do that we design artificial vision systems that detect problems at the filling level labelling, sealing, … We always achieve stable and reliable systems.


Thanks to our large experience, we can design the best solution for your company, automating processes, improving its industrial facilities and saving energy at its machinery.


Our great proffesional staff will manage from the beginning to the end your project. Our company complies with all of the local laws about security, permits and norms.


In addition to designing and development, in Juan Palacios S.L.we can be in charge of maintenance of facilities developed for our customers, asuring working them perfectly.