With this publication of this weekend in the Levante newspaper, we finish our first corporate press campaign.

It has been four weeks of various appearances in the written media that have supposed our 2016 corporate advertising campaign.

Our corporate campaign has consisted firstly in an interview that Las Provincias did to our Manager Juan Palacios Esteve on Sunday, November 27. Later, on December 2, we published our first corporate advertisment. Then we changed media, and published in the newspaper Levante a report on December 11, as well as, to finish, as previously mentioned, the corporate advertisment of Saturday, December 17.

Our idea with this campaign was to improve our corporate image, as well as to make us know more in the Valencian business fabric.

From the comments of our customers and suppliers, we believe that the results of the campaign have been very satisfactory, in addition to the new business contacts we have already established during these weeks as a result of all this publicity.

We hope you liked it and you will surely see us again !!